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What is Hyla?

HYLA is a revolutionary device which allows to filter the air up to 99,96 %; it was created 25 years ago.

Thanks to a system of centrifugal, HYLA captures dusts in the water.

Hyla also disinfects, cools, cleans up and can perfume the air.

Hyla also possesses a complete system of cleaning which can adapt itself on the basic Hyla module.

This allows to clean various surfaces such as mats, grounds, carpets, curtains, furnitures, and more, and it does that simply so Hyla can go where the dust is located.

It is important to specify that water is the only ecological filter which can trap microscopic dusts such as dusts of acarids to which more and more children are allergic.

Hyla’s story:

Today, Hyla celebrates its 25 years.

Hyla was created by the love of an engineer for his wife.

Doro Erjavec’s wife suffered serious allergies to dust, greatly irritating her during every cleaning of the house.

That is the way he created the first prototype which was mass-produced from 1992.

The engineers Doro Erjavec and Janez Pogacar named their product in reference to a small Mexican frog: Hyla. And from the beginning, they constantly improved the unique system of cleaning that is Hyla to arrive at the Hyla GST model which we know today.

Nowadays, HYLA is successful in more than 40 countries worldwide.