1. To commit our company, any order must have been accepted by the management, which reserves the right to refuse it in writing within 30 days of signing.

2. The delivered goods remain our exclusive property until full payment of all claims.

3. In the event of non-payment on the due date, the goods may be taken back by us at the purchaser’s expense, the advance payments remaining automatically acquired.

4. Orders placed on the website will only be delivered after full payment.

5. Our prices mentioned are only valid for deliveries within three months and for which a minimum deposit of 15% has been paid. For longer delivery details, and at the customer’s request, the company will apply the prices in force at the time of delivery.

6. The delay in the delivery cannot, in any case, give the cancellation of the order.

7. Any amount not paid when due shall automatically bear interest at 1.5% per month. In addition, non-payment of an invoice on its due date will result in an increase of 20% of the invoice with a minimum of € 75.00.

8. In the event of withdrawal, a contribution of an amount towards the costs of removing the installation may be requested. (package including transport, reconditioning and packaging.)

9. Notwithstanding any stipulations to the contrary, our general conditions prevail over those of the other contracting parties.

10. All invoices are payable in Brussels, this right is not waived by drawing a draft on the buyer.

11. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, our invoices are payable in cash. The non-payment of a single invoice on its due date makes the balance due on all other invoices automatically payable, even if not yet due.

12. Your installation is guaranteed for 2 years against all defects in raw materials.
The engine is guaranteed for 8 years. The guarantee in the name of the purchaser is non-transferable, this one will be worthless if incorrect connection, if repaired or transformed by persons not approved, if used with products other than those advised.

12. In case of disputes, only the courts of Brussels will be competent.